Slovakian Gluten free producer Liana

Slovakian Gluten free producer Liana

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We would like to introduce the basic information about our company, brief history and our main goals and information who we are and what we do.

We are a private, family - run company based in Raslavice, in eastern Slovakia, which specialized in production of gluten free drinks and gluten free products in powder.

As a gluten free producer, we specialize in production of gluten free products in powder form. 

We offer gluten free bread mixes (dark bread and white bread) gluten free mix for sponge cake, gluten free mix for sourdough application, gluten free mix for baked gingerbread and universal gluten free mix for noodles, pasta, etc. 

All mixes as above are gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, egg free, soy free, colours free and GMO free. These products are packed with nutritional values containing fiber and raising agent, so preparation is very straight and easy.

Our other products like baking powder, gingerbread powder, creams in powder and drinks are also gluten free and suitable for wide spectre of our customers.

Special line of our production are drinks in powder where we have over 20years of experience.

The latest line of LianaVit drinks - 75grams packaging - are available in four flavours (orange, cola, raspberry, lemon) and contains 10 B-complex vitamins. In addition, there is no added artificial colour or aroma. Drink is based on natural aromas and flavours and one packaging can be disolved in one liter of fresh water. Also drink is suitable to be produced in soda stream drinks makers.

We focus on quality and purchase the goods from nearly 50 suppliers from all around the world. We select high quality products and igredients to satisfied our customers. We cooperate with leading slovakian and foreign suppliers of gluten-free raw materials. 

All our products does not contain gluten and also we are not using any form of wheat starch or deproteinized wheat starch in our products. Also we are not processing GMO raw materials.

Quality and handling safety is backed up by HACCAP where we strive to ensure that all processes are kept in accordance to production norms and quality procedures.

Currently our company provides own products distribution to our customers from own eshop as well as from our retailers accross the Slovakia or big market chains like TESCO, Kaufland, COOP Jednota, LABAŠ, CBA, etc.

By expanding our product range we respond to new food trends such as clean label, gluten free foods, soya free, GMO free etc. 

Every our product can be offered in HoReCa packaging to supply restaurants, hotels, catering companies and communities around the Slovakia and abroad. Gluten free mixes are also available in HoReCa packaging.

Our customers can benefit from more than 400 gluten free recipes published directly on our web site. We carefully test every recipe before we publish them online. Therefore our clients can benefit from every sort of treat you can imagine, including cookies, brownies, cake, cupcakes, cheesecake, soups and everything in between.

If you are interested to cooperate with us or test our products portfolio, feel free to contact us accordingly.

Should you feel you have a business offer for us, or, if you have any enqueries and should you require further assistance with regards to our products, feel free to contact us directly by email on: office (@) or alternatively by GSM +421 915 775 854

Imrich Goliaš - LIANA-GOLF
Lopuchovská 734/1
086 41
Slovak Republic
EU VAT: SK1020703475

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