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This part of our web site is dedicated to the english speaking partners.
We would like to introduce the basic information about our company, brief history and our main goals and information who we are and what we do.

Please bear in mind that our whole products' portfolio is gluten free as in our production we either do not have or process any raw material which would contain gluten. So we actually have all gluten free products and we are really gluten free production of products in powder. Sorry, but even no trace of gluten.

And here is a bit from our history... We are a small private, still family based company which dedicated our business plans and experience in the food industry. We were founded in 1992 and we are based in Raslavice, village located in the eastern part of Slovakia. Our company has more than 20 years’ of experience on Slovakian sales market.

We have own production where in our premisses we are producing, packing and distributing mainly bakery powdered products like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), potato starch, corn starch, vanillin sugar, gingerbread baking powder, baking powder, citric acid, sorbic acid, sweet gelatines, powdered topics, powdered juice and energy drink, vanillin fructose, baker's ammonia (ammonium carbonate), lime scale remover, etc.

In 2014 we developed and started to pack instant whipped cream powders with more than 20 flavours avialable for our customers. Preparation of whipped cream is quick and very simple. You can find flavours like lemon, pineapple, blackberry, chocolate, yogurt, coffe, coconut, almod, tiramisu, etc.

In 2015 our company was successfull aplicant to receive Euro funds to support production of slovakian products within the local region.

During 2016 we enriched our portfolio of gluten free puddings in powder. Puddings are unsweetened products available in 13 flavours like vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, coconut coffe, toffee, etc. You just add milk and have to cook them, of course.

Also there is a special range of 3 products developed in 2017 which are intended for customers who suffers from Celiac Disease. These products contain no gluten, no sugar, no eggs, no lactose, no soya and no colourings and  are ready mixes to prepare kneaded dough, biscuit dough and gingerbread. You just add water, or egg or milk and your base is ready.

Year by year we work hard to develop and introduce our customers brand new quality products under the our label which are completely gluten free. We performed many countless tests and trials of raw materials and our recipes to ensure that our products get high quality structure, smell and taste.

Many of our packagings were during last years "facelifted" and redesigned to become even more attractive for our customers. Nutrition information is also available according to the legislation. Our number is 24 and this tells you how many products you can find in small packaging.

Our final products are presented on our web site where are divided to categories according to their use and application. Our web site also contains eshop which can be used for our customers who would like to buy our products which they can not find in their local shops.

Our customers can also buy our products and wider portfolio in our company stores which are based in Raslavice and Prešov. 

For our production we are using raw materials like citric acid, sorbic acid, sweeteners, sugars, powdered aromas and natural aromas, pig gelatine, instant gelatine, thickeners agents, dyes, pectins, sodium bicarbonate, etc.

All technological processes of production and packing are under strict hygienic standards in accordance of HACCP and legislation of Slovak republic. We are choosing the best food grade quality of raw materials in order to provide unique experience for our customers.

Almost all of our products can be used in cold and hot kitchen as additives, or to make delicious cakes, jellies and cookies. Others are used for preservation of seasonal fruits or vegetables, or may be used as household chemistry.

Our wide portfolio is designed and made for local retailers and wholesalers. Apart from consumer packaging we offer HoReCa packaging. A range of high quality gastro packaging is available for all customers who interested to benefit from such a products.  Our products also can be found in the big chain stores, supermarkets and local groceries across the Slovakia.

Also, we can offer our packing machinery, equipment, facilities and experience to potential clients who are looking for service agreement to pack food grade powdered substances.

Our HoReCa and retails products are ready to be exported to clients who are looking for HoReCa packagings to be supplied to hotels, restaurants, caterings and other sectors. If you are interested to import our HoReCa and retails packagings, feel free to contact us accordingly.

Should you feel you have a business offer for us, or, if you have any enqueries and should you require further assistance with regards to our products, feel free to contact us directly by email on: office (@) lianasro.sk

Imrich Goliaš - LIANA-GOLF
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Slovak Republic
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